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eBridge World delivers a solution to “imbalanced education access” caused by location and language limitations by providing a cross-cultural learning network for global test preparation and language learning through its online global learning service platform.


The mission of eBridge World is to launch an online service platform for global learners through its Korean Language Learning Service and its American College Entrance Examination (ACT/SAT) Preparation Service, and to eventually expand to serve the learning of other major global languages and college admission exam preparation in other countries (i.e. UK, Australia, etc.).

  • Efficient operation of an online learning service platform
  • Rational pricing policy for global learning services
  • User-centric learning based on online user learning data

Globalization Roadmap

2019 (May 1)
Headquarters, South Korea
2019 (Aug. 30)

2020 (2nd half)
Data Analysis Lab, USA
2021 (1st half)
UK, Australia


  • Teamwork with diverse business experience in the global Edutech industry
  • Experienced in cloud-based global learning service platforms and engineering/operating infrastructure
  • Optimal capability in planning/engineering/online services operation
  • Track record in creating premium global content
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